Sonntag, 16. Dezember 2012

Windows Phone 8: Nuget Windows Phone Toolkit language issues

In my current project I want to support English (en-US (default)) and German (de) for all German speaking countries like Austria, Switzerland, Germany. Therefore my supported language setting in my project properties looks like this:


If you install the Windows Phone Toolkit via Nuget ( there are two issues which you have to resolve.

First: Nuget does not install the language specific satellite assemblies

Second: The Windows Phone Toolkit does not support the basic culture “de”. Only the country specific “de-DE” culture.

To solve this issues, I have downloaded the Windows Phone Toolkit project from Codeplex ( and duplicated the resource file “de-DE” also as “de” in the Windows Phone Toolkit project. After a compilation of the project I copied the resource assemblies to my Nuget package folder:


After this I will have the desired support from the Windows Phone Toolkit for the basic culture “de”.

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