Sonntag, 18. November 2012

Windows Phone 8–WorkTime project started

This weekend I started with a new Windows Phone project – a time registration app for people who works in projects or have to report their daily work. The Windows phone app will have several data provider (local and Microsoft CRM for the first time). My colleagues at the SDX AG working on an Windows 8 Metro app (C# and XAML), which will be deployed the next weeks. Because the lack of an mobile application to check in project times and to find out what new features (main reason) are in the Windows Phone SDK, I started the WorkTime@WP8 project.

My first goal was to build a clickable prototype and here are the first screenshots:

Windows Phone 8Windows Phone 8 New appWindows Phone 8 SDX WorkTime

With Windows Phone 8 you can make screenshots by pressing the power and windows button at the same time (very nice feature).

Postings about my experience and “lessons learned” during this Windows Phone development will coming time-by-time….

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