Dienstag, 24. August 2010

Windows Phone 7 – Integrate your App in standard picture viewer

With Windows Phone 7 you can integrate your own application seamlessly into the Windows Phone built-in photo viewer. The key to this feature is the Extras.xml file.

You have to place a new xml file with the name Extras.xml to your Windows Phone 7 project root. Set the properties to Copy to Output Directory and select Copy always.

   1: <Extras>
   2:   <PhotosExtrasApplication>
   3:     <Enabled>true</Enabled>
   4:     <StorageFolder>Incoming</StorageFolder>
   5:   </PhotosExtrasApplication>
   6: </Extras>

For the StorageFolder attribute you can choose your own name.

More informations you could find here: How to: Create a Photo Extras Application for Windows Phone

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