Montag, 4. Februar 2013

Windows Phone 8 app relevance is growing!?

Unfortunately, to get concrete data about the growing of the downloads in the Microsoft Windows Phone marketplace is a very hard job. So it is good, if you have your own concrete data from the marketplace statistic to measure the Windows Phone 8 App relevance.As an indicator, I've even used my Windows Phone 8 app NFC Tag Manager. The NFC Tag Manager app has reached a download number of around 1200 in the first month. A number, which I never would have expected. For me so a clear indication that the Windows Phone 8 market is growing.

So build now your own Windows Phone 8 app.

Windows Phone 8 NFC

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  1. Windows Phone 8 app NFC Tag Manager is awesome , help me a lot to manage my task as a desktop. Not all apps are created equally – some are good and there may be others that aren’t quite there yet. However, there are apps that are just that great, which is why they are worth mentioning. Windows Phone 8 Apps