Freitag, 3. Dezember 2010

Traps of Windows Azure Development

My personal traps of Windows Azure development for this week are:

  • Problems with long project names (longer 248) for the temporary name of my delivery package for running at the Windows Azure emulator
    • Use _CSRUN_STATE_DIRECTORY as environment variable to shorten the path
  • Remove PlatformTarget from an existing Web project file to avoid compile error
  • Strange CommunicationObjectFaultedException error if you use a Source Safe tool and your web.config is read only
  • If you use assemblies that are not content of a normal Windows Server 2008 SP2 installation (for example RIA Services), you have to set the properties “Copy Local” to true of the assemblies involved – otherwise you get a never ending “busy” state of your web role at Windows Azure Management Tools

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  1. Just blogged about these issues and others on my blog too... nice to know it isn't just issues I've run into. :) (